The brand DR for the sport of small but futuristic Campodolcino

The town of Val San Giacomo features an underground funicular railway, and now … a renovated sports parquet

The province of Sondrio has become a “colony” of Dalla Riva … After Piuro and Gordona, the little town of Campodolcino recently decided to use the expertise of the company of Montebelluna to refurbish the floors of their sports hall.

In the tiny town located exactly in the Val San Giacomo no shortage of sports facilities: in addition to skiing and an underground funicular, also soccer field, swimming pool, multipurpose rooms and the sports hall in which Dalla Riva replaced the old pavement that, among other things, still had the old signs of basketball.

The technicians have restored 680 square meters of the pitch that, now, is approved by FIBA and will also host competitions of excellence.

Dalla Riva Sportfloors was called for the installation of a new sports flooring in the province of Sondrio after Piuro and after Gordon

Unloading before the new installation in Campodolcino

So it was on the old parquet sporting arenas of Campodolcino before surgery Dalla Riva Sportfloors

Campodolcino Municipality is very small but full of sports facilities

Engineers Dalla Riva Sportfloors have installed a sport parquet of 680 square meters approved by Fiba

Stages of laying the new sports flooring Dalla Riva Sportfloors

The logo of Dalla Riva Sportfloors stands on the floor of another gym in the province of Sondrio


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