Dalla Riva Sportfloors “heals” the old sports floor of Medicina (Italy)

Removal and replacement of a pavement seriously compromised by time

Replacement of sports flooring in Medicina, a small town of Emilia a few steps from Bologna (Italy).

The brand DR intervened because the old pavement of a municipal gym looked very worn and was no longer able to hold the bounces of the ball.

The team of Dalla Riva Sportfloors, in just 5 days, has removed the very damaged wooden surface existing offering a wonderful model Playwood Rubber 22, one of the flagships of the wide range of sports flooring available.

A little ‘as moving from “rags to riches” especially because, among the most outstanding technical features put in prominence from the bottom installed, are just bouncing ball and an elasticity corresponding to the highest levels.

Total removal of the old sports flooring installation of Medicina

The new sports floor of the sports hall of Medicine will lend itself to any kind of discipline

Early stages of intervention staff Dalla Riva Sportfloors in Medicina

The replacement of the sports parquet in medicina was a necessary act because the bounce ball was seriously compromised

Other stages of installation of the new sports floor made in Montebelluna

Just to make a sports floor in a workmanlike technicians Dalla Riva Sportfloors overcome every obstacle A result simply stunning, with new floors, the gym of medicina, it seems another ...

Sports parquet floor gym of Medicina ... is completely healed!

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