Appreciation for sports parquet Dalla Riva at the international tournament in Caorle won by Treviso

Establishment of contacts with foreign companies participating in the event hosted at the “PalaMare”

Over the weekend just ended, the sports parquet of “Dalla Riva Sportfloors” at “PalaMare” in Caorle successfully hosted the international basketball tournament organized by “Veritas832” of Fabio Coldebella and surprisingly won by De Longhi Treviso.

In the final, the team coached by Pillastrini, surpassed the other italian team Reyer Venezia 83-75.

Alba Berlin in third place, the fourth Olimpia Ljubljana, the fifth and sixth Zalgiris Kaunas and Hapoel Jerusalem; right with this team, the company based in Montebelluna entertained for most about the appreciated sports floors and its own facilities.

Good relations have also been established with other foreign teams participating in the ninth edition of the traditional tournament which takes place in late summer, as always, in the lovely seaside resort of Venice.

International Tournament of Caorle" which took place at "PalaMare" on sports parquet Dalla Riva Sportfloors

A moment of the “9th International Tournament of Caorle” which took place at “PalaMare” on sports parquet Dalla Riva Sportfloors



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